The coronavirus pandemic has been a stark reminder for us to reflect and appreciate farmworkers. We often take for granted how our food products are cultivated, nurtured, and harvested before reaching our grocery stores and homes.

Regarded as an essential service, while we were all hunkering down in safety from the virus, the farmers were bravely ensuring that we would have food. Although currently with a heightened risk of a pandemic, farmers endure challenging conditions daily and therefore deserve our ongoing gratitude.

Ncedisa is a 100% black youth-owned entity, operating in the agricultural sector of the Eastern Cape Region. The main objective is to deliver tailor-made solutions to the agricultural sector that will optimise sustainable income for farmers while creating rewarding experiences for the workforce.

One must be passionate about farming and understand the bigger picture should you want to be employed in the agriculture sector. Farmworkers face many adverse conditions such as unfavourable weather, long hours, and tough physical labour.

However, most farmworkers do not complain as they are proud of knowing that they are part of a broader system that provides valuable food sources, creates jobs and economic trade opportunities.

All workers play an important role in alleviating poverty through sustainable agriculture initiatives. At Ncedisa, team supervisors have a great responsibility for operations running smoothly by keeping the team motivated to deliver industry-leading products and services in a fair, consistent, and non-discriminatory manner.

To ensure optimal productivity and healthy work environments, workers are divided into teams of 25 with a supervisor. The supervisors have various roles and responsibilities that include attendance procedures, supervision, record keeping, motivating the team as well as keeping their health and well-being prioritised.

To be successful and deliver quality products in the agriculture sector, the well-being of employees must be prioritised. Ncedisa is committed to empowering staff with skills and training which motivates a happy workforce as they know they are valued.

The team is determined to support the agriculture industry and nurture the relationship between farmers and workers. The main goal for the team is to facilitate farming operations and contribute to a successful and sustainable agriculture sector.

The next time you feel comforted by the butternut soup, or have a meal on the table, spare a thought of thankfulness for the workers who brave adverse weather conditions, rise before dawn and labour tirelessly for us.

Farming is a job done by people for the people. Thank a farmworker today.