Ncedisa a Certified Fairtrade Agriculture Workforce Provider

Ncedisa has become a leading workforce provider within the agricultural industry of the Eastern Cape and is synonymous with upholding business ethics that values employee well-being while improving productivity for the farmer. As a company that understands the demands of its agriculture partners, Ncedisa also recognizes that the farmworkers play an integral role in profitable farming to be successful.

Managing Director, Mr Mkonto Mntwini has always believed that social values can be incorporated into modern-day business models. Every business holds the potential to make positive contributions towards eradicating the socio-economic inequalities that are not only prevalent in the agriculture industry of South Africa but around the world. Transformation is possible through restoring human dignity by creating work for persons to earn a fair, decent, and honourable living.

It is discouraging that farmworkers globally, and not only in South Africa, are reported to be one of the highest-ranked groups to be marginalized, oppressed, and exploited. Fair and sustainable practices mean investing in the well-being and job creation of these vulnerable communities.

Through their commitment to the agricultural sector to optimise sustainable income for farmers while creating rewarding experiences for the workforce, Ncedisa undergoes a Social (Ethical) Audit by Siza. By undergoing an annual audit, Ncedisa hopes to assure all clients that they will provide industry-leading products and services in a fair, consistent, and non-discriminatory manner.

SIZA is the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa that provides a platform for agricultural stakeholders to ensure ethical and environmentally sustainable trade. This platform monitors care for the environment and compliance with labour legislation. It is a South African standard, developed, owned, and operated in South Africa but aligned to global best practices.

The SIZA improvement process has been designed to ensure Ethical Trade compliance from all suppliers in South Africa. The goal is to have a commitment of continuous improvement of labour and environmental conditions on all farms in a practical and comprehensive manner which has the potential to benefit businesses and impact positively on hundreds of thousands of employees.

Furthermore, according to SIZA, their social (ethical) audit is aimed at assisting people living and working in agriculture to drive ongoing improvement in terms of socially responsible business practices. The SIZA Social Standard is built on the following 8 principles:

• Commitment to implementing Management Systems.
• No forced and Bonded Labour
• No Child Labour
• Freedom of Association & Collective Bargaining
• No Discrimination, Harassment & Abuse
• Health & Safety
• Working Hours
• Wages, Benefits & Terms of Employment

Ncedisa is committed to implementing measures from within their business structures to play an active role in minimizing the exploitation of farmworkers by advocating for fair wages, inclusivity structures, and safer work environments. A profitable and sustainable agriculture sector is under threat while most of its workforce lives in poverty. Ncedisa encourages fellow industry leaders to follow suit and help eradicate social ills by adopting sustainable and ethical business practices.

It is essential for the agricultural industry to have a certified specialised recruitment company such as Ncedisa, which can provide, a safe, reliable, and ethically sourced workforce. Contact Ncedisa for casual or contract workers who are readily available throughout the year.